Vodafone Company

(Mission, Vision, History,Owner)

Vodafone is operating in 26 countries and in partnership with networks in over 55 more. Across the world, Vodafone have almost 444 million customers and around 19.5 million in the UK. Vodafone made the first ever mobile phone call on 1 January 1985 from London to our Newbury HQ.


Vodafone’s ambition is to contribute to sustainable living by delivering connectivity and innovative services to our customers, while maintaining the trust of our stakeholders by behaving ethically and responsibly wherever we operate.


Connecting and empowering people & communities accelerating the development of Egypt through developing Telecommunications Centers of Excellence to create value adding jobs.

Vodafone Story

1987: Vodafone is acknowledged as the largest mobile communications company in the world.

Value added services are added such as recall, the voicemail service, and the first information lines: Financial Times CityLine and the AA’s Roadwatch.

1996: Vodafone is the first to launch a pay as you go analogue package in the UK. It requires no contract and no credit check.

2000: Vodafone acquires part of German company Mannesmann AG. Our effective interest in both Mannesmann Mobilfunk and Omnitel Pronto Italia has since increased to approximately 99.1% and 76% respectively.

Vodafone’s enlarged Group is now the largest mobile telecommunications company in the world and one of the top ten companies, by market capitalisation, in the world.


2003: A group-wide Partner Network Agreement is signed with Mobilkom Austria Group to introduce Vodafone’s global services into Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Vodafone increases shareholding in Telecel to 70.3%

In April, Vodafone announces it is to increase its shareholding in Vodafone Libertel to 98.2%