QMobile Company

(Mission, Vision, History,Owner)

QMobile is the largest importer with nearly a million units shipped every month, followed by Nokia Pakistan that imports up to 400,000 mobile phones each month.The company operates with a different business model as compared to companies like Samsung and Nokia: although it calls itself a mobile phone company, QMobile does not manufacture its own devices; instead, it imports them from vendors in China, and sells them under its own brand. The same phones are sold in India for example under the Micromax label.


To empower customers by pushing the boundaries of telecommunication and providing new age communication gateways that make their lives easier.


To constantly bring innovation in the telecommunication industry by helping people to effectively communicate with each other while providing exemplary customer service along the way.

QMobile Story

Mian Zeeshan Akhtar who is the Owner, CEO, Chairman and mastermind behind the success of Q Mobile, has come to be known as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.

After completing his education in the United States in 2003, Zeeshan Akhtar returned to his roots in Pakistan to make his mark in the professional world. His affiliation with foreign brands like LG and Samsung provided him with opportunities to realise his own understanding of the Pakistani market.

Akhtar had great success with his ventures, resulting in increased market share for whichever brand he was handling. For him, the sky was the limit…and then Q Mobile was born.

At 30 years of age, Akhtar took charge of a company that soon became a corporate giant. Today, Q Mobile is the biggest player in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.