Huawei Company

(Mission, Vision, History,Owner)

Ren Zhengfei is a former People’s Liberation Army officer who founded the telecommunications company in 1987. Since then, the company has grown into a worldwide juggernaut. It expects to ring up more than $100 billion in sales this year.


To empower customers by pushing the boundaries of telecommunication and providing new age communication gateways that make their lives easier.


To constantly bring innovation in the telecommunication industry by helping people to effectively communicate with each other while providing exemplary customer service along the way.

Huawei Story

In Jul 2003,  Huawei established its handset department. In Feb, 2004, Huawei exhibited China’s first WCDMA mobile phone at the 3GSM Conference in Cannes, France.  In Jun, 2006, Huawei launched the world’s fastest and most compact HSDPA USB Modem, the E220, in Singapore. In Jun, 2005 Huawei’s first 3G mobile phone, the U626, was awarded the ‘Best 3G Smartphone’ by the Charlton Media Group.

After completing his education in the United States in 2003, Zeeshan Akhtar returned to his roots in Pakistan to make his mark in the professional world. His affiliation with foreign brands like LG and Samsung provided him with opportunities to realise his own understanding of the Pakistani market.

Akhtar had great success with his ventures, resulting in increased market share for whichever brand he was handling. For him, the sky was the limit…and then Q Mobile was born.

At 30 years of age, Akhtar took charge of a company that soon became a corporate giant. Today, Q Mobile is the biggest player in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.